Terms and Conditions

1 - Fields of Application

1.0 Terms and Conditions
These general conditions of sale apply to any consultation or order placed on the website addresses and derivatives (hereafter the "Site") of DAN Srl (Momocasa), with registered office in via Boniperti, 62

2 - Orders

2.1 Offer of Products

The products are presented in accordance with legal requirements and as accurately as possible.
Among the products delivered and the ones on the website or in the catalog may exist some differences, in particular with regard to the handicraft products, for which the homogeneity of production can not be fully guaranteed or for those that have been subject to adjustments related DISTRIBUTORS

2.2 Acceptance of

For the buyer, the order will close at the time of confirmation, while for Momocasa (Dan Srl) from the validation of the payment and confirming the order taken into account.

3 - Price / Payment

3.1 Price of Products

The prices of products are indicated in Euros, all taxes related to the sale of goods (including VAT) including ..

3.2 Shipping and Delivery

Many of the products purchased from Momocasa are handcrafted and for this reason the delivery time is about 7 WORKING DAYS. This period can vary considerably depending on the product chosen. Whereas prior to purchase you need to register, we recommend indicate in the "NOTES" your needs. We will contact you with further details of the purchased product. In any case, we are always available at the phone number 39 0321 960946

3.3 Costi per l’Italia

For all the products on the online shop of (excluding those with the truck crossed) the cost of shipping and 'EUR 12.
For orders over € 100,00 (excluding products are always with the truck crossed) shipping costs totaled € 6,00.

3.4 coast to the estuary
For all the products on the online shop of (excluding those with the truck crossed) the cost of shipping and 'equal to 20 euro.
Given the diversity of volume and weight of our products, the cost of shipping to foreign countries (for products not purchased directly) is to be arranged with a commercial momocasa. You can request information at
These values ​​are, however, reported in "time and costs of delivery" on the site Momocasa.

3.5 Payment
The payment, which is on the site made exclusively in euro and in full at time of order by credit card or wire transfer, unless otherwise specified at time of order, must be addressed to:

Your Boniperti, 62
28015 - MOMO (NO)

In case of non-receipt of payment the order will not be processed.

Payments by credit card are protected by Paypal system, in compliance with international interbank.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still choose this method of payment. When welding, you will be directed to a PayPal page where you will need to indicate their bank details and choose whether to create a PayPal account.

Payments by bank transfer are made in a lump sum at the time of ordering the goods. On the summary page, and then at the time of the choice of payment method, select the "Transfer." In order to complete the task and then make the purchase on our online shop you need to enter in the fields below: the first 16 characters of your IBAN and then confirm.

3.6 Billing
At the time of the order, the customer can request an invoice by filling out the fields Company and VAT. The invoice sent to the customer gives the indications given by him in his account. The customer can modify the data transmitted to each new order on the website.

4 - Supply of goods

4.1 Mode of Delivery
Delivery by courier: The delivery of the order will be carried out by a dedicated courier.

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer and 'must check
- The number of boxes is the same as indicated in the transport document
- That the packaging is not damaged, not wet or otherwise altered.
any damage to the packaging and / or articles or the mismatch in the number of packages must be immediately subject to control by putting written on the proof of delivery courier and immediately notify us by e-mail to
Once signed the slip, the customer can not 'make any objection on the external characteristic of the delivered goods.

4.2 Advice on delivery

To avoid any "hold for pickup" and facilitate the delivery is advisable to direct the destination of the product you purchased at the home of a recipient often present at one point or commercial operation of your knowledge that can make the withdrawal and payment.
Eventually, if the first hypothesis is difficult to pursue, you can indicate a point of withdrawal of the Corriere Bartolini. Any information on the collection point nearest to your destination, you can find them on the website

4.2 Any complaints
Upon delivery, the buyer must carry out all the necessary checks to detect any faults, deficiencies, defects, other defects or non-compliance of the Products delivered with the order. In particular, the buyer must check the status of packages, the number of packages and products in terms of quantity, codes, and state characteristics. For this test as specified in paragraph above.

In case of complaint, the buyer may contact Momocasa for any clarification.

The buyer, however, must:
• indicate on the delivery note all reservations precise and justified in case of damage or missing goods, being insufficient general reserves such as "subject to unpacking";
• confirm the reservations for the missing goods or accident and make other reservations, by registered mail with return receipt to the customer service MOMOCASA Via Boniperti, 62 28015 MOMO, (NO), Italy;
• confirm the reserves for damage or missing goods via registered mail with return receipt to the carrier, within 3 days of delivery, excluding holidays.

The buyer must send the same within the time a copy of the complaint to Momocasa (DAN Srl) by fax to 0321 960 946

In addition, the buyer must be able to provide any justification as to the veracity of the claims put forward and grant Momocasa, its couriers or any other person appointed by them, the opportunity to check the facts.

Complaints accepted will lead to the replacement of defective or non-conforming product, or its repayment in case of unavailability of the product in the warehouse or at the suppliers.

5 - Right of withdrawal

5.1 Our products
The products featured on the site are made visible in the most 'accurate and through our pictures we try to make them conform to their characteristics. However, we can not guarantee an exact color match due to the diversity of resolution of the monitor. For this please check the general conditions of contract where there is the possibility to request samples.

5.2 Monitoring products
Before each shipment we control our products accurately. Our products are of high quality and therefore we are ready to make sure the formula money back guarantee.
If you should not be satisfied you can send the goods intact within two weeks from the date of purchase, and we will strive to give you back the value of the goods, as long as this is not damaged or altered than this.
MOMOCASA accurately controls every part of the product prior to its shipment.

5.3 Chromatic Variations
We assume no responsibility for any color differences between the pictures that you can view on our website shop online Momocasa (Dan Srl) and the goods actually delivered. Recommend in this case to request samples. Color variations and variations in the structure of goods between the received samples and the goods delivered are inevitable and do not constitute any defect

5.4 Samples
Each customer can order up to 5 samples. The cost of up to 5 samples is equal to 2Euro
There are no refunds on expenses samples.

5.5 Right of return

The right of return may be exercised as from receipt of the goods within a maximum period of two weeks without stating the reasons for return. The right of return is not, however, apply to goods that have been manufactured specially for the customer or have been cut according to personal needs.

5.6 Process made
To speed up the returns process, the cost of delivery of the goods will be refunded to the customer only complaint accepted. The costs of delivery are the responsibility of MOMOCASA only for amounts in excess of EUR 40.00.

5.7 Returns
However, we reserve the right to claim the decline in the value of the goods after use or in the event of damage to the material. In the eventual case of return the customer is entitled to a refund of the purchase price, provided that this has already been paid. As an alternative to a refund of the returned item, there is also the possibility of receiving a voucher of the amount of the amount paid.

5.8 Charges
Shipping costs are not generally compensated. We reserve the right to retain 20% of the value of the goods in case of withdrawal of the goods.
In any case, make faith the Right of withdrawal pursuant to and within the limits of the dl 185/1999

6 - Product Guarantee / Liability

6.1 Extent of Warranty
Products are guaranteed for 2 years from date of delivery against defects in workmanship, material or design. During the warranty period, Momocasa (Dan Srl) will, at its option, replace or refund the products she herself acknowledged to be faulty. I replaced Products are guaranteed for the period of time remaining.

6.2 Activation of the guarantee

To exercise the warranty, you must present the original receipt / invoice or receipt.

6.3 Responsibility of Momocasa
The responsibility of the Products delivered Momocasa, including that within the framework of applicable legal or contractual guarantees, is the third paid only to the extent expressly provided by law.

7 - Using the website

7.1 Intellectual Property

The information published on the website of Momocasa including Facebook, Twitter, Google including, in particular, the logos, trademarks, text, photographs, images, drawings, models or reference tables for the measures,

7.2 Responsibilities of users
The responsibility for navigation on the site is entirely by the user.

7.3 Law "Informatique et Libertés"
Momocasa (Dan Srl) buyer collects personal information necessary for the registration and processing of orders and / or respond to requests for information. In accordance with law, privacy buyer has a right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data. For any further information, please contact

8 - Force Majeure

Neither Party shall be liable for the total or partial non-performance of its obligations, to the extent that such failure is due to unforeseen circumstances or the occurrence of a constitutive element of force majeure such as, but not limited to the following list, flood, fire

The parties must agree in times as short as possible in order to jointly determine the modalities of execution of the order for the duration of the event of force majeure.

If the force majeure lasts existence of more than one (1) month, either party may not honor the order and Momocasa (Dan Srl) will have the duty to reimburse the buyer if necessary, the sums he paid in the order in question.

9 - Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

9.1 Relationship buyer
The relationships between buyers and Momocasa (Dan Srl), referring to orders placed on our online shop (website), will be subject to Italian law, subject to the mandatory provisions of the law of the place of residence of the consumer ..

Via Boniperti, 62 28015
Momo, (NO) - P.Iva 01536180035
Telephone: 39 0321 960946 Fax: 39 0321 960946

9.2 Competent Forum
For all disputes the competent court is the court of Novara. For all the conditions of sale are not specified in this document are subject to the terms unilateral Italian textile industry.

10 - Various

10.1 Test Data

To express agreement between Momocasa (Dan Srl) and the purchaser, the e-mail shall prevail between the parties, as well as automatic recording systems used on the Site, in this case with regard to the nature and date of the order.

10.2 Partial invalidity
If one or more provisions of these general conditions of sale shall be void or declared as such by the application of a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will retain their full force and scope .

10.3 No Waiver
The fact that one of the parties did not require the application of any provision of these general conditions of sale, whether permanent or temporary, can not in any case be considered as a waiver of the rights of that Party derived from this clause.

10.4 Title
In the event of difficulties in the interpretation of any article title or chapter, and any clause, the titles will be considered non-existent.

10.5 Changing the general conditions of sale
Momocasa (Dan Ltd) reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of sale. Any new version will be indicated on the Site

The online version on the Site at the time of order by the purchaser shall prevail over any other previous version of these general conditions of sale.

10.6 Integrity of contract
These general conditions of sale and order summary sent to the buyer form a contract and constitute the entirety of the contractual relations arising between the parties.

11 - Opinions of our Clients
On our website we publish the opinions of customers who have purchased the product. Customers who communicate their views are responsible for the content they post and the consequences of publishing. Undertake not to publish content that is contrary to law, public order and decency or infringe their personal rights. Undertake also to express themselves in a proper language and understandable and not to disclose personal data.

To avoid any form of abuse and keep the spirit of this service, Momocasa reserves the right to monitor, moderate and decide whether or not to publish the comments of its customers.

12 - Applicable law and court

12.1 Law
This contract is governed by Italian law.

12.2 Article 5 of the Rome Convention
For matters not expressly provided, apply the rules of law applicable to the relations and circumstances provided for in this contract, and in particular Article. 5 of the Rome Convention of 1980.

12.3 Art. 60 d.lgs 206/2005
Pursuant to art. 60 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, which is expressly invoked the provisions contained in Part III, Title III, Chapter I of the Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

13 – Clausola finale

This agreement cancels and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations, written or oral, speaking in advance by the Parties concerning the subject of this contract.

1 Provisions of the Privacy Guarantor - art. 154 1 c) of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 - Simplification of certain acts in the public and private compared to treatments for administrative and accounting purposes on 19 June 2008, published in the Official Gazette on 1 July 2008, no. 152.

2 General measure of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data Practical Guide to simplification measures for small and medium-sized enterprises of 24 May 2007, published in the Official Gazette of June 21, 2007, n. 142.

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