How to take measurements

As we note the measures to prepare the tents MOMOCASA

Below, we show you some pictures that can help you take the measurements of your next new curtains. According to the information given under remember always to take into consideration if you want the curtains to door or if you want to do the curtains with the stick or the curtain rail. That's followed by the two most common cases we seek to represent you through some of our pictures (if we are at your disposal for any inspection):

CASE 1: Shop the VETRO

To measure the glass curtain is necessary, as shown in the diagram, measure:

  • the glass in width and height
  • the full height of the door
  • the width of the handle to the opposite extreme of the leaf

If instead there were two doors, taking into account that the curtains are usually the same size, you should check:

  • that the second door (no handle) is not very different from the first
  • where appropriate, the extent to which you want to have on the second wing


CASE 2: Tent with cornice or stick

In this case we must take into consideration:

  • the width of the jambs of the window or door
  • the height of the window or door jambs
  • the height from ceiling to floor
  • their spacing from the edge of the jamb side at the first hurdle
  • the effective width that you want to achieve with curtain

Normally, to make the curtains are held about 10 cm per side in addition to the jambs. The rest of the measurements will be made according to the type of cornice or stick chosen. Normally evaluate the specialists MOMOCASA during packaging, in each case it is possible to agree before the realization


Obviously, our consultants are at your disposal for an inspection directly at your facility.

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