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For all professionals have a reserved list with discounted prices. MOMOCASA has created a new web interface that can analyze directly between the commercial area and its customer, thanks to a special video system, the product or products on this site MOMOCASA. The customer will feel almost touch the product or products you have chosen.

Anyone interested in entering the network sale MOMOCASA (Boutique Retail, Architetti, Designer, Agenzie di organizzazione eventi, Decoratori, Progettisti, Decorating, Interior Designer, etc. ...) You may contact us to email at or the number 39 0321 960946 .

We looking for employees also for the foreign market can increase the visibility of the products MOMOCASA, .create an extensive network of professionals to promote the Made in Italy also abroad.

If you are interested to work with MOMOCASA send us your request indicating the sector they belong to, your ideas and what you offer, you will be contacted by one of our representatives to schedule an appointment.

The site MOMOCASA is constantly changing and if you do not find the products do not hesitate to contact us. In any case for any information, clarification or to request a quote (also inherent to large quantities of material), you can contact our professional service MOMOCASA :

  • claudio.danesino @
  • or number 39 0321 9609 46

Thank you, staff MOMOCASA

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